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Sarah H.

"Elizabeth's design boards really helped us to get a solid vision of how we could make the bathroom look great and make the most out of the space we had. Everything she helped us to pick out looks beautiful, and she had some really ingenious ideas about how to work with a small space. It never would have occurred to us to add a built-in storage tower, and her suggestion to use the chair rail on the shelf edges really makes it a neat piece! Our bathroom is now easily the best-looking room in the house, and we can't wait to have house guests over to show it off!"

Steve M.

"Ive been flipping houses for 25 years. Elizabeth designed both the kitchen and bath in a flip we just sold. Id say everyone who saw them was blown away. These rooms made the condo one of, if not the best in the association. One of the best parts for me was, the costs of said renovations. She stayed in budget and gave the property everything a buyer would want."

Mary M.

"When I was ready to take on the daunting task of updating our kitchen, the best part of the journey began with meeting Elizabeth. Her suggestions and recommendations for cabinetry, to flooring and everything in between, was just what I had envisioned. When I had a particular sink in mind and it seemed it would be impossible to find, Elizabeth researched and found it. It is a delight working with someone who is professional and pleasant. I couldn't be happier with our beautiful kitchen. We've decided to update a bathroom, and my first call will be to Elizabeth."

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