Custom Design

Kitchen, bathroom, or other space renovation design, including construction/ permitting documents and material ordering and coordination.



Saute, flambe, roast, chop, and knead your kitchen into your DREAM space.

More information about Custom Interior Design:


Call or email to set up your free initial consultation visit on-site.

Cost: Projects are custom-priced, after an initial site visit and discussion with the client. If you'd like to purchase individual design hours, we charge $125/ hour, with a minimum purchase of 10 hours.

What kind of design service is this? This is a renovation design, coordination, furnishing, and finishing service. After your initial site visit with the designer, you will receive a customized full-service design proposal with a timeline, rough project estimates, and fee schedule for our services.

When would I need this type of consultation? This service is designed to provide you with everything you need to create the space of your dreams. Our experience in renovation, kitchen, and bathroom design will help you achieve the best outcome for your space, and make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

When should I reach out? With Covid causing delays in manufacturing and shipping, we're currently looking at lead times on custom cabinet & furniture deliveries around 6-12 weeks. A typical kitchen or bathroom renovation design will take 3-4 weeks, and construction can take 4-8 weeks or more. So I'd recommend reaching out to begin the process around 4-6 months before you'd like the space to be complete. If you have a project that you need to fast track, give me a call to discuss how we can make it happen.


Can I use my own contractor? We have preferred contractors who we've worked with again and again. We have systems in place for coordination and communication which have proven effective for us. If you'd prefer to use your own contractor, or do your own work, that is OK - but please note this is not a project management service, and we (legally) cannot tell your contractor how to do his job. You'll be responsible for making sure your contractor is installing and building the design correctly. You may purchase additional design hours if you'd like us to come meet with your contractor on site, to help walk him through the design and answer any questions he may have.

Can I order my own materials or shop around for lower prices? We'd rather that you make purchases through us. We will never charge you more than retail prices for materials. We have a few reasons for structuring our contracts this way:


First, it allows us to be in better control of all the moving parts of your project - In order to provide you with the best service, we need to be able to coordinate all deliveries, deal with manufacturing errors or defects, delays, and coordinate deliveries and installations.


Second, in order to keep our pricing reasonable, we calculate commission on sales into the overall budget of projects. Our contract requires that if you use us for design, you also purchase materials through us. If you want to do your own shopping, please check out some of our other services, where you are free to shop independently.

Third, it's very important to us that the finished product is representative of EAC Interior Design, that the materials you've received are of high quality, both functional and beautiful, and can serve you for years to come. We use only trade sources where possible and where allowed by your budget, so that you know you're receiving the highest quality materials available.


What if I'm not happy with your design? This is why it's important not to skip the beginning steps of measuring together, and reviewing multiple design options via sketches and diagrams. We've found this process to be invaluable and it has resulted in many, many happy customers. Even if you think you already know what you want, it is important to at least discuss the other options that might exist in your scenario - We won't create drawings without at least spending one hour on these types of discussions. If we've exercised all of these requirements, and done our best to meet your needs, and you're still not happy, we can discuss revisions of your plans at a discounted rate.

Not currently available: submission of permitting paperwork (must be done by your contractor), structural engineer or architect approval stamps for permitting (requirements depend on county & extent of project)​