More information about Design Consultations:


Cost: $450 flat fee. Additional cost for homes over 3000 sf, or further than 30 miles from Frederick, MD

When would I need this type of consultation? If you've recently bought a new home and want to paint and need some or all new furniture, a design consultation is perfect for you! If you already live in your home and are considering a renovation, it's also perfect! A design consultation could apply to anyone who feels their home doesn't flow from room to room, and would like to reassess the color, furniture, lighting, and layout scheme across the house.

Design process: This service typically takes a few days. First, we will meet on site to walk through your home. Typically this takes 1-2 hours and I will take general measurements, photos, and notes about your preferences, future plans, and interests. After our meeting I will produce a PDF document outlining suggested changes, additions, or items to create a cohesive design scheme for your home. 

Takeaways: From this service, you will get a PDF outlining my suggestions for paint colors, finish selections/ upgrades, schematic furniture layouts, landscaping improvements, lighting, and decor. The PDF recommendations are based on our meeting at your home, where you have an opportunity to walk me through each room, outlining your likes/ dislikes, dreams, and how you'd like to use each space, but I might reach out with questions as I put together my final recommendations.

What if I don't need you to look at all the rooms? This can actually make things a bit more complicated for me, so I don't change the price when you're keeping some rooms as they are. This package is meant to help you create a cohesive look across your entire home, so I will still spend time looking at those rooms which aren't changing and how they impact your entire design.


What if I'm not happy with some of your selections in the PDF? I won't hold you to use my exact recommendations! This document is meant to be a launchpad for you to create the home of your dreams. You are welcome to make substitutions or changes. You are also welcome to reach out for additional help (available hourly at $125/ hour) with sourcing specific items.

Available as hourly upgrades ($125/ hour): Product selection revisions or shopping with client, construction drawings, product sourcing, product delivery, scheduling inspections, or meeting with your contractor to review design plans.


Not currently available: submission of permitting paperwork (must be done by your contractor), structural engineer or architect approval stamps for permitting (requirements depend on county & extent of project)​

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