Renovation Consultation

1-2 hour brainstorming sessions for custom home renovations

More information about Renovation Consultations:


Cost: $450 flat fee. Additional cost for homes further than 20 miles from Frederick, MD

What kind of design service is this? This is a renovation IDEAS service.

When would I need this type of consultation? A renovation consultation is an excellent package for someone who would like to take down a wall, expand a kitchen or bathroom, or build an addition, but isn't great at visualizing, or doesn't know how to move forward.

What do I get from this consultation? First we will spend about 1-2 hours together in your home, discussing your wish list and dreams for the home. Afterward, we will use the information collected on site to put together a recommendation for how to move forward - deliverables are usually different from project to project, but you can expect to receive a sketched layout & 3D image, some ideas for interior finishes, and recommendations for door and window placement.

Can I use what you give me to get a price from my contractor? Yes. We typically provide a scope of work document which outlines enough information to get an estimate from your contractor.

Can I use this for construction? No. We will provide a proposal for the completed design work and product ordering associated with the design as outlined. You can use that proposal to make a decision about how you'd like to move forward.


Will you help me with the next steps? In the proposal for design work, we will outline a timeline, and how you should best move forward to get this work completed, along with estimates for how long each step might take.


Not currently available: Submission of permitting paperwork (must be done by your contractor), structural engineer or architect approval stamps for permitting (requirements depend on county & extent of project)​

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